Sarah Lorraine (butterflysxy) wrote in np_tcg,
Sarah Lorraine

First Post

I always feel awkard making first posts.

I'm really not in the mood to type out every card I have right now, but I will post the doubles I have.

r. Potion of Invisibility (LD)
r. Purplums (MI)
r. Koi Plushie (DF)
r. Slumberberry Potion (FE)
r. Muntando Fruit (MI)
r. Illusen's Charm (NP)
r. Orange Rambus (RoS)
r. Faerie Dishwater (FE)
y. Yellow Techo (MI)
y. Green Nimmo (DF)
b. Blue Doglefox (DF)
b. Babaa (NP)
b. Rocket Boots (RoS)
p. Rainbow Flare (DF)
p. Lab Ray (FE)
p. Guess the Card (MI)
p. Gigantic Snowball (FE)
p. Footprints (MI)

Card color to the left.

Expansion to the right
FE-First Edition
RoS-Return of Dr.Sloth
MI-Mystery Island
LD-Lost Desert
DF-Darkest Faerie

(I know this is obvious, but someone might not know, lol)

I wouldn't mind trading, though right now I don't have anything too great as an extra. The cards I get excited the most over are faeries. Anything dealing with the faeries actually, because I adore them. I don't play, I don't know anyone local that does, so I'm more into the cards for collecting.

Hum... I finished the layout (guild) for the most part anyway. I did in in The Darkest Faerie, since it's the newest expansion. But yeah, if by any chance your actually intrested in one of my doubles, just let me know, though it might take me a bit to reply depending on when you post, I'm going to be gone for the night.
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